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Parasound Authorized Service

Norbern Electronics is Colorado's only authorized Parasound service center.
Equipment may be brought in or shipped to us via UPS. Please box equipment
in original packing. Equipment not packaged properly can get damaged in shipping
causing additional repair charges. UPS will not cover insured equipment that is
improperly boxed. Additional charges may be applied for new packaging and box.

We will contact you with a total parts and labor charge before we repair you unit.
The $89.95 diagnostic fee does get applied to the final charges.
If you do not approve the repair estimate you will be responsible for return shipping charges.
The diagnostic fee does not get applied to shipping charges.


Parasound Model HCA-1206 power amp capacitor replacement

The model HCA-1206 can typically have defective main filter capacitors. This will cause AC ripple on the main B+ power supplies to 2 or more of the output channels. Symptoms include hum, loss of power or no output in 2 or more channels. Each pair of capacitors filters the B+ and B- for 2 channels, 1+3, 2+5, 4+6.
The original capacitors, 20,000 uf  63 volt, 85c failed after 10 or more years of use. Electrolyte will vent and leak as shown in this photo of the old caps.
Notice vent plug has popped out and screw terminal corroded. Corrosion and rust needs to be cleaned from the PC board top and bottom around the screw mounts.
The capacitors are chassis mounted and attached to the center PC board with screw terminals. After discharging the caps with an external resistor the center PC board needs to be removed to inspect the caps (not an easy task).
Parasound recommends using 10,000 uf, 80v, 105c replacements. The replacement caps have solder terminals, so heavy gauge jumper  wires are installed as shown. Wires are then soldered to the power supply PC board.
Final testing after repair shows distortion at full power output to beat the .07% spec. Power output exceeds 135 watts at 8 ohms and 200 watts at 4 ohms with all channels driven. Our charge to do this repair is $350.00 parts and labor, plus tax and shipping.


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